Patrik Sjögren

patrikMaster watchmaker with an eye for finishing and details

Patrik Sjögren graduated from the Swedish watchmaker school in 2007 having received an award and a medal for high grades and as one of the best in his class. Having achieved both Swedish and Swiss Wostep watchmaker certificates, he was also granted a scholarship resulting in a Breitling certificate.

Patrik has a highly developed ability to solve technical problems and his creativity and eye for details show in every GoS watch.

With a Master´s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and particular expertise in the medical field and computer security - Patrik has a sharp edge for minute details and an unshaken focus. He combines his theoretical knowledge and practical skills into preparing parts in damascus steel and finishing the parts. Patience is a requirement when a large number of steps have to be performed to reach the final results which highlight the details of the steel patterns.

Patrik´s skill in traditional watchmaking finishing was what resulted in the invitation from Dubai Watch Week to hold Masterclasses during the 2019 edition. He prepared and held classes to introduce participants into the art of chamfering in the way Patrik does GoS hands and movement parts. Patrik follows the Swedish watchmaking tradition where watchmakers are not confined to work on the movement but all aspects of a watch: "The exterior is just as important to me as the interior of the watch."

Since 2020, Patrik Sjögren is a member of the GPHG Academy who will nominate watches to participate in the yearly competition arranged by Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève. The final selection of participating watches will travel the world until reaching Geneva in November for the final voting and presentation of the winners. 


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