Fileworked crown

Fileworked damascus steel crown

news fileworked crownFileworking details to create patterns and additional highlights is a technique that is common among the best blade makers. The patterns are very personal and every master knifemaker has their own way of doing it. The first GoS watches made earlu 2008. This month we decided it was time to introduce this knifemaking feature into the GoS watches.

So, we developed a pattern for a new crown that will be first featured in a upcoming new bi-color model, Nordic Seasons - Gold.

The photos below illustrate the work process to achieve the pattern until the crown is ready for etching in acid. The etching process reveals the damascus steel pattern and the crown is then refinishedby polishing the fileworked sections and satinizing the bigger surfaces. The new crown has a superb grip and winding feel.

0 Nordic Seasons Gold Crown
10606114 850272685017520 558458484149110175 n
21383194 850272638350858 2907987947217927429 n
310660358 850272608350861 4473084976481726953 n
410712831 850272585017530 4207034812850463196 n
510420290 850272538350868 5856496794313673039 n
610390447 850272491684206 4330382740975317331 n
6710390447 850272491684206 4330382740975317331 n