Newsletter - Sarek WatchUSeek edition - January 2017

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Sarek WatchUSeek edition

GoS is celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and are proud to begin the celebrations of this milestone by announcing a unique 5 watch collaboration with WatchUSeek.

WatchUSeek's founder Ernie Romers was the first professional watch journalist to feature GoS watches back in 2009 and has been a fan of their designs ever since. GoS Watches is delighted to introduce the WatchUSeek edition of the men´s Sarek watch to celebrate both our 10th anniversary and longtime relationship with WatchUSeek.

Sarek WatchUSeek edition

The 5 watch WatchUSeek edition of the GoS Sarek is available in multiple color alternatives and is distinguished by its custom engraving on the hand finished rotor.

Sarek WatchUSeek red/purple


Sarek WatchUSeek Moose leather strap

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