Newsletter - GoS Watches - July 2015

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Elk/Moose straps

GoS are proud to announce our new selection of straps that are made from locally produced Elk-leather (Moose in USA/Canada, Elk in UK, Älg in Sweden). The leather is sourced from a proud third-generation family business, which produce high-quality leathers for high-end leather products. We found their elk leather to be superior to others, having a richness that makes it stand out. The GoS straps will be available in two qualities, Premium and Sarek, both hand made and equally soft and comfortable to wear. Straps in Premium leather have a smooth and finely grained surface while Sarek leather has a unique character with a shrunken grain and lustrous surface. Elk leather is known to be very durable and becomes even more beautiful in hard use.

Sarek black moose strap (Elk UK-English)

Sarek black moose GoS strap


GoS Bifrost Ice blue with a black Sarek moose strap

Gustafsson o Sjögren AB
Kindagatan 60
58247 Linköping - Sweden


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