Newsletter - GoS Watches - October 2014

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Fileworked crown

Fileworking details to create patterns and additional highlights is a technique that is common among the best knife makers. The patterns are very personal and every master knifemaker has their own way of doing it. The first GoS watches made early 2008 featured filework on the case back.
Johan Gustafsson Damascus folder closeup
This month we decided it was time to re-introduce this knifemaking feature into the GoS watches. So,we developed a file pattern for a new crown that will be first featured in a upcoming new bi-color model, Nordic Seasons - Gold.
GoS fileworked damascus steel crown

This crown design is also available as an option for existing GoS watch models. The process to achieve the pattern is shown in the GoS News.


GoS fileworked damascus steel watch crown

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