Newsletter - GoS Watches - March 2016

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New model - Sarek

The Sarek dial is inspired by the landscape of a valley in Sarek national park in Swedish Lapland. Sarek National Park is regarded as a national treasure of Sweden and host the largest Moose (Elk/Älg) in Europe. 

The case on the photo montage is not quite as in the final version as it will have curves on both case side as well as curved lug bevels. There are several details with subtle viking design hints such as in the new GoS crown, which is based on shapes found in viking sword handles.

View of Sarek National Park

Baselworld 2016

You are most welcome to visit our booth during Baselworld 2016 (March 17-24th) where we will exhibit in Ramada Plaza hotel as member of Swiss Creative Lab.

GoS customized Winter Nights


GoS Sarek closeup

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