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The GoS watch & knife sets with the GoS gentleman's folder

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GoS Watch & Knife set

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In 2011, we introduced our first knife&watch set based on characters in the Norse mythology. Although we received very good feedback we also felt that the proportions of the large Johan Gustafsson folderknife was unproportional to the watch displayed next to it. With this in mind,
Johan Gustafsson has now developed a new folder knife that is roughly half the size of his normal knives while still containing his trademark design elements. GoS can therefore now offer a gentleman's folder knife as an optional companion to a GoS watch. The knives are individually made to match the aesthetics of the watch.

Johan Gustafssons folder knifes are made in a liner-lock design, which means that the titanium liner
holding the blade in place also acts as a lock spring securing it in the open position. This lock is released by applying slight pressure on the spring, normally by use of the thumb. The handles of the first two GoS gentleman's folders have been customized using two dfferent materials: Scandinavian amber and damascus steel.

The new GoS watch & knife sets premieres during the exclusive event “Feast for Eyes” in Macau, which that takes place between May 24th to June 3rd 2014. This exhibition is arranged by the high end jewellery and watch boutique SunLuxe Collection and features the best pieces of all brands they represent.

The watch and knife sets are delivered in a presentation box that is individually crafted in traditional Scandinavian techniques.


  • Knife: Handle length 70mm, full extended length 125mm.
  • Blade: Damascus steel made from Swedish carbon based tool steels
  • Liner: Grade-5 Titanium with filework on edges
  • Handle: Damascus steel, same as blade
  • Pin: Stainless damascus steel

Presentation Box

  • Individually crafted box in svepask technique of birch wood
  • Colored with natural pigments mized in linseed oil
  • Covered with high gr ade natural wax and polished to a deep finish
  • Separate display for watch & knife
  • Guarantee certificate, two years guarantee

The GoS gentleman's folder knife is available as an upgrade when purchasing a GoS watch. The first two watch & knife sets were made for the Aurora No1 and the first production Bifrost Isblå watch, see below:

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